Firing ports on this connecting wall help protect the ditch.  The demi-lune includes a traverse through its center line. From the curtain wall near the tower bastion. It began in 1872, after work at a local fort unearthed Neolithic artefacts. Now there are three distinct spaces: A museum of archaeology with prehistoric, Gallo-Roman and Carolingian objects, an exhibition about Bartholdi containing sculptures, models and sketches of the lion, and a gallery about the stormy military history of Belfort.  Below is a sign showing the cross section of the uphill portion. Theres a bridge across the ditch before youre faced with a portal that leaves you in no doubt about the Kings authority: In the pediment at the top is the famous Sun King emblem and Louis XIVs motto Nec pluribus impar, which means literally, not. This is the view from the forward edge of the defenses, on the glacis, looking back across Haxo's works to the citadel.  But first, let's see the model of Vauban's design. Gastronomy Source: androuet fondue comtois Belfort is at a culinary crossroads, and this doesnt just apply to the fusion of German and French cuisine: The city is also on the boundary between Alsace Franche-Comté and takes the best of both cuisines.  In fact, the change in stone work in the center of the photo is the likely transition point.

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A mix of government deposits and donations down the years have endowed the museum with 150 works from the Renaissance up to the end of the 19th century.  Now, we will see the area off the picture to the right, where Vauban built a hornwork and Haxo made extensive modifications in the 1800s.  Note the traverses not only on the covered way but also within the hornwork and also in the demi-lune to its front. Its a company that was around long before the car was invented, so you might not expect to find antique coffee grinders with the Peugeot insignia.  We will now head to the citadel! In what had previously been marshes, the lake was dammed as long ago as the 1400s to supply water to Belfort and create a body of water for fishing. Ballon dAlsace Source: belfort-tourisme Ballon dAlsace Rising to just under  1,250 metres, this mountain is a sensational upland drive north of the city and lies within the Territoire de Belfort. Tracking down the Lions Source: belfort-tourisme Tracking down the Lions Bartholdis lion has fathered some 150 cubs around the city, which appear as statues, sculpted architectural features, murals, fountains and door knockers. Belfort Cathedral Source: belfort-tourisme Belfort Cathedral With pride of place in front of the Place dArmes, Belforts Neoclassical cathedral almost resembles the ancient monuments at Petra when you see it from the west side.  The white building on the left is atop the Brisach Gate. Mulhouse Source: flickr Mulhouse The plateau around Belfort has been industrialised since the 1800s, and the big hub for manufacturing in the region is Mulhouse.  Next, we will go down into the outer portion of Haxo's area.  A wall connects the detached bastion, or counterguard, to the wall.

became one of Frances leading art dealers of the 20th century.  The 'horns' of the hornwork and the demi-lune in front of it would be retained by Haxo, but the rest would be radically changed.  Now we will walk down the trail at left. If youre not around for a guided tour the office can provide you with a trail map with all the information you need for your own urban safari. Bartholdi of course was the man who designed  the Statue of Liberty in New York, and his lion is made from sandstone blocks, sculpted down the slope and brought up to this ledge piece by piece to be assembled.  The curtain wall extends toward the right to Tower bastion 41, and another curtain wall extends to the left to the Brisach Gate, then the walls continue further uphill to another bastion, then to the citadel, which you can see on the high ground. Musée des Beaux-Arts Source: belfort-tourisme Musée des Beaux-Arts One of the citadels bastions, Tour 41, is an atmospheric setting for the citys fine art museum.  Jura sandstone was used, which was locally available and thought to harden when exposed to the air.  The two bastions and curtain wall are from the citadel and pre-date Vauban. Panorama format may make this more confusing than. The beach is supervised in the summer as part of a whole activity centre that rents out paddleboards, canoes and rowboats.  This area was left unfortified by Vauban.

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They did this with a gigantic network of fortifications that expanded on Vaubans citadel site de rencontre totalement gratuits club de rencontre gratuite and the Iron Belt so that the city wasnt vulnerable to long-distance artillery. Louis XIV ordered the Iron Belt and the elaborate citadel that was planned by Vauban, the great military architect of the day. Note the tower bastions and detached bastions. Musée dArt Moderne, in this elegant Belle Époque mansion is a neat little summary of modern art in the first decades of the 20th century. Haxo cut two additional moats through the hornwork to add depth to the defense. At right is the gate through the curtain wall. Notre Dame du Haut Source: flickr Notre Dame du Haut Anyone who loves modernist architecture, and especially the buildings of Le Corbusier, cannot miss the chance to see the sensational chapel he built here in 1955. You can see a walkway through the one at right. This was made in 1880 by Frédéric Bartholdi and commemorates the siege of Belfort during the Franco-Prussian War, when the city held out for 103 days despite a big disadvantage in manpower. Belfort was besieged on thee different occasions.

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  • Belfort (French pronunciation: ) is a city in northeastern.
  • France in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté région, situated between Lyon and Strasbourg.
  • It is the biggest town and also the administrative centre of the Territoire.

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The striking pink sandstone used in the construction was quarried close by in the village of Offemont. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites.  The medieval castle was converted into a citadel, and a detached fort was built on La Miotte hill. Each section has its merits, whether its Roman mosaics, Prussian weaponry or an inside look at the process of one of historys most famous sculptors.  Only one fortress, Neuf Brisach, was made according to his third system.