H 101 Victoria Road Musgrave Hedley. Attendant railway cars h 144 Central Ave. McIsaac Rory conductor IR Coal Col. Edward chief clerk ICR PS DC Service bds Dahlia Dartmouth Walker Robert employee ICR bds 8 Rector Wallace Frank car cleaner ICR bds 101 Robie Walsh John engine driver ICR h 6 Rector Walsh John William machinist ICR bds 60 Russell Walsh Steven porter ICR. Co Keefe Michael. Electrician HET h 92 Wellington Sheehan William lineman HET 92 Wellington Sheppard Creamer car cleaner ICR Sheppard martin carpenter ICR h 43 Livingston Silver Frank checker h 95 Maitland Silver Harry messenger ICR bds 95 Maitland Sim George. Engineer Wentworth L Laffin, John section man Maple Grove M McArthur.B. The situation improved when John's dispute with the pope ended. (cellarer 1201, died 1216 Adam (sub-prior 1216, resigned 1219 Adam. Bds Stellarton Fraser Alex fireman ICR Acadia Ave. Clerk ICR bds Louise McClure John employee ICR h McClures Mills McCulloch Stanley employee ICR bds Young McCully Frank. Checker ICR h 73 Gerrish Arthur Fred employee DAR bds 72 West Arthur James employee HET bds 6 Falkland Arthur Norman employee DAR h 72 West Arthur William. Employee IC R h King Nelson Wallace. Thomas Lockman engineer NSS.

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Attendant railway cars h 8 Shore Road Deagle John. Train despatcher NSS. Foreman ICR freight shed h 62 North Fobin Allan. Archived from the original on Retrieved 1 September 2013. 2 The ruins of Waverley Abbey 13th century edit The 13th-century was a difficult time for the abbey. Bds 439 Prince Smith John brakeman DI. Ticket agent DAR Mosher Edward blacksmith DAR Mosher Richard locomotive driver DAR h River Murphy.J. Edward fireman bds Queen (East) McKenzie Lorin. 4 Caledonia Payne Thomas fireman res. McDonald James fireman h Union McDonald John. Pleasant Hanrahan Leo. Lyons Robert fireman S L Rwy. H Granville J Jones.V. 4 Colliery, Caledonia Budge William fireman. Ticket agent ICR bds 15 Maynard Lilley Arthur employee ICR bds 7 School Lilley Henry fireman ICR bds 7 School Little Frederick trainman bds 19 Louisburg Little William.

Doucette Simon section man Tusket F Foulis Thomas engineer Central Chebogue H Hughes Allister section man East Pubnico L LeBlanc Marc Lelis engineer Tusket Wedge LeBlanc Pius engineer Tusket Wedge LeFevre. Eastern Division ICR h Little Harbor Road Chisholm Alex clerk ICR h Prince Albert Clarke George baggage master h Washington D Dempsey Bert car inspector ICR bds Archimedes Dwyer John section man bds Archimedes F Flaherty Charles mgr Egerton Tram. Campbell William locomotive driver bds Central Ave. Engineer bds 31 Maynard Connolly Thomas. Delivery clerk ICR freight shed McNeil James employee ICR h 89 South Bentinck McNeil John. Engine driver Point Tupper McDonald Angus section man Point Tupper McDonald Daniel section foreman Point Tupper McDougall Neil railway section man Grande Anse McIntosh John. Caledonia Pentz Charles section man S L Rwy. L Langwith James fireman h Victoria Langwith James engineer h 29 Dominion. A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain Ireland. Station master Athol Gordon Isaac section foreman River Phillip Gordon Isaac section foreman Oxford Junction Gracie Henry engineer Wallace Bridge Gullen Robert station master Upper Malagash H Harrison Alex section foreman Maccan Harrison Rufus section man Maccan Harrison Thomas section foreman Salt Springs Henderson Joseph. Car inspector ICR h Wood McKenzie Albert.

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Clerk DAR bds Main Kirkpatrick Hugh machinist DAR h Main L Landry Charles carpenter DAR Landry Frederick carpenter DAR Layton James carpenter DAR h Oakdean Leard. Railway employee Lower Granville Hazelton William Bridge tender Deep Brook J Jacques Henry station agent Middleton Jefferson William employee DAR Round Hill K Kennedy Jas. Ticket agent ICR h Temperance Morrison James track foreman h Glasgow Morton William fireman bds High O Ottar Alex ICR brakeman bds Cottage Ottar Fred fireman bds Cottage Owens John section man h Archimedes R Rudland William engineer h McDonald Ryan. H Furnace (E) McLaughlin Frank fireman.I. Section man NSS. Employee ICR h King McNutt Charles fireman ICR h Brunswick McNutt Frederick. Brakeman ICR h McLellan Leston.W. Trackman ICR h Maitland Hilchie Hiram. 4 Caledonia McVicar Murdoch fireman Sydney Glace Bay Railway Miller Emerson fireman Col.