If you dont have any, list denial as number one ( 1 John 1:8 ). Part way through our 16 day trip they were ready to adopt again. We were placed with a seven-year-old boy in 2012 when our biological children were 8,7 and 5 but that did not work out as we had intended. We took our three biological children with us on the trip to China. I have learned more about myself through our adoptions than expected. I never used to pray that way until I believed the truth that my rebellion was first against the Lords good design and that He is enough to satisfy my deepest longings. Believe this truth: your confessions are a record of the price Christ has paid for you. Originally published on m as part of their Spiritual Discipline series. How could I be this kind of person? My behavior reminded me of Adam in the garden after he rebelled against God (.

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Tell God what you are really trusting in more than Him today. It was important to us that our older children see just where her little sister came from. I knew at that young age that adoption would be part of my life. And he who has been forgiven much, loves much. His file was being returned soon. There is healing as we bring even the darkest wounds and sins to light. Being fully known by God, my wife, and others terrifies. I was excited, the doer of all the paperwork, and anticipating our little girl. I, personally, always wanted to adopt more than one child because I didnt want our new daughter to feel like an outsider in a family with 3 biological children. We found ourselves questioning, was adoption really for us? Take one step of action on that truth.

into you the feelings of loss, abandonment, loneliness, hunger, fear and much more that your child may have experienced. I confessed my moral inventory with them as a part of a discipleship/recovery group that I am both leading and participating. They were 11, 9 and 7 at the time. After months of prayer we decided adoption was in fact for our family and we started down the path of adopting a special-needs little girl from China. I cant write a piece on confession without first being confessional. My husband reminded me after we started the process with China that we in line with what God had initially placed on my heart as an eight-year-old girl. Im so thankful that we get to see them becoming who the Lord created them to be more and more each day. Even though love and attachment takes time to grow we can show love to our children in the process. I could see, as I confessed, that my sin and shame love to hide from God and His people; I wanted to stay behind the tree. Confession IS FOR healing AND repentance IS FOR freedom. King David spoke of his sin this way: Against you, you only, have I sinned (. Claim your new identity in Christ and let others remind you. We started down the foster/adopt road.

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I had always felt more shame about letting my ideal self down or being found out than I did about rebelling against my God, my King, and misplacing my highest affections on things other than Him. What I have also found is that I still need to allow the Lord to reshape my mind, and daily take those thoughts and patterns captive so I dont return to old patterns of life. I encourage prospective and adoptive families to remember what your (or future) adopted child is coming from. Adoption is amazingand hard! In the practice of true confession, my prayer life has radically changed. I must be worth much in His eyes for that sacrifice to be paid. He had just turned 3 when I saw his picture. This happens by the renewing of my mind, a daily act of being honest with the Lord and walking toward Him for true freedom to last: the belief and choice to live as the new creation that I am in Christ, not the old self. Lord, in this moment, I dont believe that your approval is better than peoples. Well, the Lord did just that. As I shared my confession of my responses to all the things done to me and all of these resentments I have held, it became more and more evident that I have chosen to protect myself by my own means. Lord, I do not believe that your refuge and comfort are better than the one I can make in my mind. We were in China 11 months later to adopt webcam roquebrune cap martin sevran him. As I was sharing I found myself making less eye contact at times and lowering my voice when I would say the same pattern over and over again. These are the confessions I pray now that I never would have prayed before: Lord, as I feel stress about writing this blog and worrying about what people will think of me I am tempted to be anxious, to find a way not to write.